My name is William O'Hara and I have spent my life becoming not only a terrific dog trainer but also a great teacher.

When I was younger, athletics and academics were my primary focus, and as a result I had the privilege of meeting many coaches and teachers who contributed to my development. Wanting to follow in their tracks, I began coaching and teaching with hopes of impacting peoples lives in a positive way.

My love for dogs was obvious as a child. I would study the different breeds inside an encyclopedia and constantly ask my parents for a dog of my own. As I became a young adult my feelings towards “man’s best friend” continued to grow and continues to grow every day I meet a new dog.

I received my dog training education at National K-9, in Columbus, Ohio. At National K-9, I learned under the guidance and instruction of Scott Mueller, Bob Jervis, and Chris Altier. At the school I learned several elements of dog training and behavior. I learned about training a dog for basic and advanced obedience, personal protection, scent detection, tracking, police K-9 training, retrieval, and utility. In addition, I learned about many principles and concepts, including behavior modification, puppy development, canine personalities, and remote collar training.

I am a member of the National K-9 Dog Trainers Association (NK9DTA) and the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). I continue to further my education by attending seminars, courses, and continuing to learn about any new and effective training techniques.

I received my college education at Bridgewater State College (BSC). At BSC, I studied under Dr. Karen Richardson and Prof. Sam Baumgarten. My education consisted of learning how to develop students' social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.

I love teaching and dog training, I am truly passionate about both crafts. However, dog training is my main concentration for it allows me to both teach and dog train.


My goal is to make owners realize the true potential of their companions.


About Me